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SAY IT RIGHT consists of 30 units teaching you the real English pronunciation. Starting from phonetics to the rules of connected speech, the way a native links words together while speaking. Each unit contains a video in which Kris Hagan, along with his blackboard and slides, teaches you the rules and tricks of his native tongue. Along the way you will find exercises to practice what you learn. 



The 2-month subscription of SAY IT RIGHT lasts 60 days from your first access. You will receive your username and password via email. Access the course on our e-learning platform from your computer. 

One month gives you plenty of time to complete the course.

You have unlimited 24h access. This gives you the chance to repeat the videos, complete the exercises and revise as much as you need.

For those of you who have less time you always extend your access by contacting us to purchase an extra month. Each additional month costs 20€. 



As this is not a grammar course, the minimum level requested is level A2. SAY IT RIGHT is useful for everybody up to and including level C2.

SAY IT RIGHT - 2-month subscription

  • By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

    You authorise Kris Hagan Language Institute to use your email contact to generate the username and password for this product. 
    SAY IT RIGHT is an e-learning course. After purchasing the product you will receive your username and password to gain access via email.
    Your subscription lasts 60 days from your first access. The purchase of additional months is completely optional and can be requested at any time by contacting Kris Hagan Language Institute.

    This product is for personal use only and cannot be resold, downloaded, or reused in any way. Copyright Kris Hagan Language Institute.
    Your username and password are for one user only and cannot be shared. Public showings of this course are forbidden. Any infraction of these rules will result in cancellation of your account and legal action will be taken.

    Kris Hagan Language Institute is not responsible for any lack of hardware or software requirements, such as slow internet connection, loss of signal, etc. Be sure that you are using the latest version of your internet browser. 

    According to the Italian article 13 d. lgs. 30 June 2003 n. 196, Kris Hagan S.N.C. will treat the Client’s  personal details only for purposes strictly related to the management of the contract agreements and for promotional and marketing campaigns connected to the activities organised by Kris Hagan S.N.C. The personal details won’t be given to any other companies.

    As advertised, this video course is for people with an English level of A2 or above.

    No refunds are available on this product.

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